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    Recharge your phone anywhere and anytime using your ATM card. Load or send recharge pin with a single button.

  • Instantly Pay Bills

    Easily pay your DSTV, GOTv, Electricity Bills, School Fees, Book Flight and pay other bills right from your mobile phone or PC.

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Join Fasttopups happy agents. Offer Fasttopups bill payments and funds transfer services in your locality.

Offer services like PHCN, DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES, etc. subscription services. Help people transfer money locally to any bank account in Nigeria! Earn commission for every transaction you perform.Read More...

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FastTopups Services

Mobile recharge, bill pay and fund transfer made easy! Recharge your phone, pay bills and transfer funds from anywhere in the world. Fasttopups enables you to:

  • Recharge within Seconds
  • Load Recharge Card with a Single Button.
  • Easily Send Recharge Pin to Families and Friends.
  • Pay with Any Nigerian Bank ATM card.
  • Pay Bills and Transfer Funds
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Need Help? email support@fasttopups.com or call 09030395868, 08088823308.

What is Fasttopups?
Fasttopups as its name implies is a mobile application that enables you recharge your phone, pay bills and transfer funds online within minutes using your ATM card.
What is the process of recharge on fasttopups?
Download and Install our free app on your phone or use the fasttopups website> Register an Account > Select your service provider and recharge card amount you wish to buy > Pay with your ATM > Get your Recharge Card > Load it to your phone or Send it to your family/friend.
How do I use Fasttopups app on My Mobile Phones?
Fasttopups app can be installed on Android, iOS and Blackberry phones. To install the app, click DOWNLOAD APP button above and complete the installation on your phone. See How to Register below. If you need any help please email support@fasttopups.com or call 08088823308
How do I Register?
Open your Fasttopups app and click "Create Account", enter your Names, phone number and a desired password, confirm your password, enter your email address and click "Create Account". If you were referred by someone, enter the person's affiliate code in the referral box so that your friend can be rewarded accordingly. After entering, click Create Account. After this step, you are set to start recharging your phone, paying bills and performing funds transfer online.
I have registered an account, how do I buy recharge card?
Whenever you want to recharge click the FastTopups Icon on your phone, make sure you are logged in and select a service provider, select the amount you want to recharge and click next. On the next page enter your ATM details, which includes: your ATM card number, expiring date and cvv2 code, and click Pay. Please make sure that you have money in the account attached to your ATM. If your transaction is successful, you will see your purchased card, a Load Now button and a Send button. You can directly load the card to your phone by clicking the Load Now button or send it to a friend by clicking the Send button. You can also buy airtime with your wallet, this is faster but you need to first fund your wallet. See "How to Fund Wallet" below. If you need any help please email support@fasttopups.com or call 08088823308
How much does it cost to buy recharge pin?
Fasttopups cost is the same as buying topup from a phone booth. We do not charge extra. If you are buying N100.00 MTN card, you also pay N100.00, for N200.00 MTN, you pay N200.00, etc.
How will I pay money for recharge?
You can pay using your ATM card. We accept all Nigerian banks ATM cards, including Master Cards, Visa and Verve Cards. You can also pay using your Fasttopups Wallet which is faster, but you must first fund your wallet to be able to use it.
How will I get cashback/refund?
There is no refund of money. If you need any help concerning a purchased card please email support@fasttopups.com or call 08088823308. You can also use the Chat with Sales Representative feature in the app to chat with us. We will resolve your issues within minutes.
What do I do when after paying I do not see the recharge pin?
This may be as a result of your internet connection. Simply go to My Cards on your app or website, you will find the newly purchased recharge card number there, click the LOAD button to load it or SEND button to send it to a friend or family. Please note that the newly purchased recharge card pin is the first in the My Cards list. You can also save yourself from network problems by pre-funding your Fasttopups Wallet, this way, you do not need to always enter your ATM details, with just two clicks you can buy recharge pin within a few seconds.
Why do I have to agree to your terms & conditions?
This is part of our policy to protect all our customer's privacy and security concerns.
Are you going to charge me in the future for something I don't agree with?
Of course not. We only charge your ATM or credit card at the time of the transaction. We do not store your ATM or credit card information after the transaction has been completed. There are no follow-up charges / recurring charges or anything else. Before submitting your details we state the total amount which you will pay. This is the only charge you will ever see from FastTopUps.com
Can I buy recharge card for a friend using my fasttopups account?
Yes you can. You can buy recharge card (s) for as many people as you want using a single fasttopups.com account. However, do not use the LOAD button if you are buying for someone. You can use the SEND button to send it to whoever you bought it for. Also, if the person you bought the card for is a Fasttopups user, you can use the Fasttopups chat option to send him/her the card (s).
Why do I get "Authentication error when trying to install the Android app"
This error is from your Google play account. It is because you have more than one account in your Google account area. To fix this error, please follow the below step: 1. Remove the non-primary account linked to your Google Play account – tap and hold and tap > Remove account 2. Remove all accounts in > Settings > Accounts > Google – as above 3. Once you remove the accounts, reboot the device 4. Once device has re-booted add your primary Google account (you will need to login with your email and password)
How do I pay Bills?
You must be registered and logged in to be able to pay bills. If you are not registered, please do so. If you have registered, please login and click the Pay Bill button, Select the bill service you want to pay, enter details of the bill and click continue. On the other page, enter your ATM details and click Pay. Please note that you will be charged N100 extra for each bill payment.
How do I Transfer Funds?
You must be registered and logged in to be able to transfer funds. If you are not registered, please do so. If you have registered, please login and click the TRANSFER FUNDS button, enter details of the account you are transferring money to and click continue. On the other page, enter your ATM details and click Pay. Please note that you will be charged N100 extra for each fund transfer.
How do I Fund my Fasttopups Wallet?
To fund your fasttopups wallet, on the website click wallet and enter the amount you wish to add to wallet. On the mobile app, click wallet from the menu and click Fund Wallet. Enter the amount you wish to add to wallet and confirm the amount by entering it again. On the website, click Add Credit, on the Mobile app click Submit. On the next page click the Pay with Quickteller button. You will be taken to Interswitch Quickteller secure Payment Gateway. Enter your ATM details and click pay. After a successful payment, the credit amount will be automatically added to your wallet. If you are using the mobile app, click Go to Wallet on top of the app to confirm your amount in your wallet. If you are using the website, wait for 5 seconds after a successful payment, you will be redirected to your wallet page where you can confirm the amount you added.
How to win Recharge Credit Every Month?
Here is how you can win weekly recharge cards.
1. You must have bought a minimum of 10 recharge cards within the week.
2. You will compete with others who are buying. If you are among those that are currently winning, you will see your mobile number in the Top10 Buyers page. The Top10 Buyers Page only show the first 10 highest buyers. If your number is not there, then you are not winning.
3. To check if you are winning, click Top10 Buyers at the left menu, select the network you think you may be winning, select the amount you may be winning on and wait for it to give you the result of the top10 winners under that network and amount. If your number is there, make sure you continue to monitor it , making sure it remains on that list till Saturday 11:59 pm.
4. To finally win a recharge card, you must appear in the top10 list every week for one month. At the end of one month, Fasttopups will do a draw and select 4 winners from the top10 list. These winners will be rewarded with 15,000.00 credit each in their wallet. This credit can be used to buy recharge card pin within the Fasttopups app and website.
How do I Earn Credits by Funding my Wallet?
You can earn credits by funding your wallet if you add 20,000 naira and above to your wallet. So whenever the amount you are adding to your Fasttopups wallet is or exceeds 20,000, you will be credited with 100 extra credit.
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