• How To Use Fasttopups Affiliate Code

    Today we will be showing you how to use the Fasttopups affiliate code to invite your friends.

    Before we begin showing you how to use it, we will like to state the following:

    1. That you will earn 100 credits for each person you invite using your affiliate code
    2. That before you can earn this credit, this person you invited must have made his first purchase of recharge card pin. (Note: not bill pay or fund transfer)
    3. That any credit you earn can only be used to buy Recharge Card Pin from Fasttopups
    4. You cannot withdraw these credits; you can only use it to buy Recharge Card Pin from Fasttopups

    We assume that after using a great app and website like this, you probably have it in your heart to invite your friends and family. In a situation where your friends/families do not want to install the app, the website www.ftp.ng, www.ftu.com.ng or www.fasttopups.com is there for them to explore when it comes to buying recharge cards, paying bills and transferring funds. Inviting them will be helping them to save time and energy; at the same time, it will also earn you credit. We are not saying that this credit is enough to compensate you for the invite, but we are using it as a token to appreciate you for inviting people to use our app and website.

    Alright, let’s go.




    1. Login to the Fasttopups Mobile App
    2. Tap the MENU Icon at the Top-left
    3. Tap Invite Friends from the menu
    4. Tap your medium of invite, whether Whataspp, BBM, Gmail, Facebook, SMS, etc.
    5. You will see a predefined invite message. You can either send it that way or customize it to make your friend know what you want him to do. Make sure you do not remove THE DOWNLOAD URL (https://goo.gl/dYq7YG) and also make sure you do not remove your AFFILIATE CODE (e.g: jndaY9). Your friend needs the download URL to install the app. When registering, he/she needs to enter your AFFILIATE CODE in the “Enter Referrer Code” field of the Registration page. When he/she does this, that user will be registered as being referred by you and when he/she buys his first recharge card pin, you get the 100 credits in your wallet.




    1. To check those you invited, open your mobile app
    2. Tap the Top MENU icon
    3. Tap Affiliate History from the menu
    4. There you will see all the people you have invited. If they have bought recharge card pin, you will see 100 in the Earned Credit section, if they haven’t bought recharge pin that field will be blank. As long as you can see 100 there, it means the 100 credit has been added to your Wallet. This is done automatically when the person you invited buys his first recharge card pin.




    After earning something, you can either save it or spend it. For Fasttopups credit it’s meant to be spent on recharge card pins. Having invited many people that bought at least one recharge pin, you would have had many credits in your Wallet. To use these credit to buy recharge card pin simply select Pay from Wallet option when buying recharge card pin. The amount you are trying to buy will be automatically deducted from your wallet balance and the recharge card pin will be made available to you immediately. You can also transfer the credit to anyone that is also a Fasttopups user using their Fasttopups registered phone number. That’s it!




    Please be informed that the website and mobile app uses the same user details. This means you can also login to the website using the same phone number and password you used to register on the mobile app. If you registered on the website, you can also use this details to login to the Mobile app.

    However, to invite someone to join the website, all you need to do is give the person the website’s address: www.ftp.ng, www.ftu.com.ng or www.fasttopups.com. If they visit any of these web address, they will be taken to the fasttopups.com website. Simply tell them to register an account and enter your affiliate code in the “Referrer Code” field. To get your referrer code from the website, simply click “Affiliate History” from the left menu and copy the code from the right-top corner of that page. Ensure to tell whomever you are inviting to buy at least a recharge card pin. If he does not buy, you will only see him as referred by you but you won’t earn any credit. You will see the credit when the person you invited buys. To view those you have invited so far and the credit you earned, simply click “Affiliate History” from the left menu and there you will see all the people you have invited and the amount earned for inviting each of them.

    That would be all for now.

    If you need any help whatsoever, kindly use the below button to chat with an agent or send us a message.


    Written by Louis Akporiaye.


Posted By: Amina Wandala | Posted 2016-08-02 11:27:27
Waoh!! So fast,even with the answers to my questions. I like it. I had a fast and successful transaction. Best wishes.
Posted By: Fasttopups Team | Posted 2016-08-02 11:40:03
Thank you Amina for your positive feedback. We are glad you liked it. :) Cheers
Posted By: Denisha | Posted 2017-01-03 07:54:25
This piece was a liajcfeket that saved me from drowning.
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