Last Updated:02/08/2017


    Important Notice to all Fasttopups Agents:


    We will like to thank all our agents for standing with us so far in our objective to deliver mobile money services to people in their localities thoughout Nigeria. All our active agents are aware that the ADD FUNDS feature which is a third-party service that enables agents fund their wallet using their ATM card has been offline for a while now. We had some challenges with the service provider which lead us to make certain adjustments to meet with the terms and conditions under which this feature operate.

    It is as a result of this that we have come to the following conclusions:


    1. Effect from 02/08/2017, the first two wallet funding done by an agent using the ADD FUNDS feature will attract no fee. That is, agent will not be charged for the first two transactions.


    2. From the third transaction of that day, the agent will be charged 0.4% of the added value. That is, if the agent funds 1000 naira, 4 naira will be deducted and 996 will be automatically added to agent's wallet.

    In essence, the system is charging agent 4 naira per every 1000 naira transaction after the first two transaction on a daily basis. To explain further, if agent did 10 wallet funding in one day using the ADD FUNDS feature, the agent will be charged 0.4% of the value of the last 8 transactions.


    3. The charges collected from the agent per transaction are displayed in the Fees field of the Wallet History.


    Should you need any clarification whatsoever, kindly call 09030395868 or post your question in our agents WhatsApp group.


    Thank you.

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